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The Pen Is Mightier (Than the Word Processor)

The Pen Is Mightier (Than the Word Processor)

The Pen Is Mightier (Than the Word Processor)

I’m a analog female in a digital world. I favor old points and old-style. I used a rotary-dial phone prior to the march of progress threatened to smash us both equally. My vehicle just recognized its twenty fourth birthday. I like canvas shoes, gin martinis and do-it-yourself afghans.

Yet I’m a new writer throughout contemporary periods, and I have adapted in order to new technologies. Frankly, the majority of it has been a new blur. I do remember, though, sitting solely at night in an office building sometime in the nineteen eighties, watching my boss’s inkjet printer slowly remove 200 internet pages of arbitrary ASCII figures. For all Knew, the computer had been trying to tell us something. My spouse and i sent typically the pages into the tech fellas at head office for research. They still haven’t gotten back to us.

Fast-forward for you to now, when miniature microphones and voice-to-text software basically enable us all to write because fast grow older can talk. The next phase is almost upon us, in which a machine will probably write the novels intended for me-and without a doubt publish these, collect royalties and your time money with nice points for alone.

But I believe it’s time and energy to ask: Is somewhat more tech automatically an improvement? Is usually faster really better than slower? Is the destination more important than the journey?

With those inquiries in mind, My partner and i took that upon myself personally to investigate. To be able to re-immerse myself in the resources and feelings I used to get pleasure from so meistens en-and and experiment with even older methods-I spent some sort of weekend taking care of my existing novel having an assortment of technological know-how that came between the making of the Sphinx and the beginning night of This Fair Lady.

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On Saturday morning I paid out down inside my writing family table, a mug of coffees at my aspect and a wood-cased pencil with my hand. I selected a Blackwing 602, noted for its smooth core as well as fragrant cedar casing. (I’d decided to skip inscribing terms on gemstone or wet clay capsules and start with the next creating technology many closely associated with those: graphite. )

Pad sharpening is an act associated with beginning. A person sit down, you actually gather your self, you hone. You feel and also hear often the sharpener doing work, and you aroma that clean wood. You behold your personal newly revealed graphite. If the point is definitely sharp, you are feeling brief anxiousness over whether or not the microscopic, conical top segment will break off as you touch it for you to paper.

I spend time the deliberateness of the pad experience. When you write, the point degrades to what ever degree of fatigue you feel similar to tolerating. You actually rotate the purpose to take advantage of the wear pattern-every rotation provides a sharper edge.

When you write with a pen, you are, in a really real feeling, drawing. If you’re laying down the particular two-dimensional photographs of thoughts. You can create little or even big; with light strain or large; you can printing carefully or even race alongside in whichever version of cursive is yours to make.

You can wipe off mistakes! An excellent you’re on the tear, you are able to just affect through with vigor to have going. Or you can flurry lower a fulfilling storm associated with obliterating zigzags. The re-sharpening pause is really a balm. Although sharpening, you have a chance to search for, change the key length of your current gaze, stop thinking to get a moment and use your palms differently.

My partner and i wrote concerning 1, 000 words with the Blackwing, making the most of its easy sturdiness. Anyone baby any pencil. You may leave it left, you can even get crazy without too much grief. You could write by using it in a paddling or with a mountain ledge, or upside-down while lying down in bed. No worries about ink, mechanisms, battery power.

Mid-morning, We skipped forward in time and unholstered our trusty plastic Pentel auto with a. 6 mm business lead, in the reasonably soft and also bold 2B grade I love. The obvious good thing about the technical pencil isn’t sharpening, not any bother. A person click some control or perspective the lens barrel to improve your guide, and you can create fast and also precise. The writing knowledge is less various, though. Be the price you pay.

With any notepad, one should bring many pressure to carry, which sets wear and tear on you. My publishing elbow acquired sore following a few hours connected with pencil job.

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Soon after lunch My spouse and i turned to a group of instruments you have to dip inside ink, in which marvelous liquefied humans 1st concocted with Neolithic occasions. Hollow reeds served while writing tools in early Egypt, China and taiwan and the Center East. Could possibly be still intended for drawing along with special calligraphy.

I’d observed a reed pen within my art field, so I started off with that. It absolutely was a 7-inch-long wand of a half-inch inside diameter in addition to cut into a quill-like point. I popped a package of black color Noodler’s printer ink, dipped the reed with and began writing. My spouse and i blobbed a lot ink down at first, in that case got the hang of making bold strokes.

Nevertheless, I had in order to reload together with ink every single few words and phrases. Because of that, and apart from the originality, the experience had been wearying and just not useful. I observed how a good reed with the expertly done point-and a new halfway knowledgeable scribe-could function some splendor.

Writing along with a quill don’t go far better. I’d observed a large feather during a move a few years ago and stored it. Today, following a web-based tutorial, My spouse and i made any writing position from the shaft. Much like the reed, typically the quill imparted an unpleasant blot before scratchily producing a contiguous line. After in relation to 10 phrases, it ran dry. My partner and i reloaded and also kept proceeding, but the work was gradual and vexing. Thinking about the simple fact that Shakespeare had written all of his or her plays using such an put into action made me nearly sick together with pity. However life had been slower after that, and I think anyone had a lot more patience.

Regarding my evening writing We used a steel-dip note down, instrument for ones for many any scrivener through the 19th century when size production built steel nibs reliable as well as affordable. As soon as I got using it, My partner and i perceived what a gigantic complex leap forward it was. I made use of a plastic material holder and also a Speedball C-4 italic nib, made of 2 pieces of material that contact form a tiny printer reservoir utilizing surface antagonism. I could compose half a site before having for you to re-dip, and also OMG how almost gorgeous my lumpish handwriting viewed! My publishing output selected gushing, gratifying speed compared with any preceding method.

I wrote appreciatively, all night time, with the supremely lightweight just as a dip pen, with almost no hand/elbow fatigue.

Weekend morning, We started in using a fountain pen, which gives you the best of the bottled-ink world without the hassle and hazard with the open inkwell. For this session I employed my small Pelikan Souveran and some brownish ink. Featuring its deliciously easy nib as well as warm acetate barrel, the actual fine dog pen wrote just like the wind. The breathing slowed down, my body tranquil and I published for webpages and pages without needing to re-fill.

After 1 hour, I changed to this inexpensive plastic-type Lamy Firefox, the body within sprightly neon-yellow. That writing experience seemed to be just as satisfying. Smooth sufficient, easy to have and just plain fun for you to wham along words along with.

Later each day I indexed my Parker Jotter, which ubiquitous midcentury-modern item found in millions of office drawers around the world. The ballpoint pen, prominent between the Universe Wars, is incredibly much the supreme in ink-based writing convenience. Inexpensive, idiot-proof, uniform. My spouse and i wrote a few hundred words. The experience had been serviceable yet bland-on the actual order with the mechanical notepad.

Finally, about Sunday afternoon, I took on my boulderweight 1926 Underwood typewriter. I’d acquired it for a effectiveness of Leroy Anderson’s „The Typewriter“ which has a local symphony orchestra. (My usual role is timpanist. ) On stage, the appliance was incredibly loud, which has a supremely respected carriage go back that you try to the perfect zzzip!

Consequently yeah, as being a percussion device and technical marvel it absolutely was great. But for actually publish with? Dear God. I measured typically the travel on the keys: a inch and a half, as opposed to the one particular millimeter associated with my laptop or computer tablet’s keypad. You have to good old ram the keys down that will entire inchand- a-half to secure a good impression from the bows onto the paper. I found myself racing out words as if actively playing a Rachmaninoff finale directly to the backside row. Typically the clack, typically the zip, the rhythm, the actual ding! The whole planet knows most likely writing! We tried to obtain strength from smell in the machine essential oil and the magic of the take some time, but the upper body just simply ran beyond gas. We barely managed to get through 240 words-about one particular full web page in typeset.

I must point out, though, My spouse and i loved the particular retro-funk effects. Each notice displayed its own pattern regarding wear, its very own fractional variation in place, its own little personality. A new manuscript prepared on a typewriter such as this feels almost just like a living factor. On On the evening, my experiment complete, I looked at (weak in addition to weary) these types of questions:


Given it challenges and encourages all of our hands, view and mind with diverse tools. Consumers are different! Lots of people work better by means of going gradually and deliberately, some by simply blasting away words at a blistering rate. My suggestions flowed the most beneficial (and I actually felt often the best) when using the pencil, the particular steel-dip note down and the fountain pens. That will steel-nib just as a dip pen had been truly a thought.


I have a fantastic friend who is blind and enjoys all of the modern assistance of mp3 audiobooks, microphones and also optical-characterrecognition tender ware. Assuming that Braille must now end up being obsolete, Specialists him recently if they uses that anymore. Surprisingly, he stated he employs Braille instruments all the time: for quick records to him self as well as more time things this individual wants to take along and study back soundlessly when he’s out and about. Which resonated. Although I can communicate notes into my cell phone, I favor writing issues down, and I’m never ever without a laptop, pen in addition to pencil with my purse.


The particular payoff personally is this: When I type our handwritten version into the computer-say, every 15 or 20 pages-I do a very natural-feeling first revise and revisions, thus delivering a true draft-and-a-half, as I love to think of that. Labor-intensive. But fruitful. Body fat denying, intended for sheer efficiency and amount of work, almost nothing surpasses current computer along with wordprocessing tender ware. Those things keep getting improved and far better: Where as soon as WordPerfect is the living stop, it now makes you desire to slam that person on a packet. We’re all in financial trouble to Microsoft Word in addition to similar tender ware for making our procedure incredibly effortless.


Today’s tech wins. 1 might print out a manuscript and do a good edit by hand (yay, pencil), to get in which on-paper graphic sense involving things. However for the final merchandise, there’s nothing including deleting as well as inserting with up-to-theminute smooth ware.


I cannot notice anybody which makes the case it is. There’s many it, undoubtedly, and brand new tech is hugely dependable. I don’t even think anybody inside the assassinate their very own computer. Famous and then, be sure you stop along with smell the actual cedar. You can richer for any experience-and your own writing may just reflect that will.


• Old-school technology releases you from the internet. No enticement to check the news or web 2 . 0. You can like a quiet, calm environment while you create. • Simple, manual tech is usually durable along with reliable.

• There is something spiritual about having a wood-cased pencil or a package of printer ink: As you make use of it, you lose the item. The object possesses a lifespan.

• Paper matters. Cheap report, with its higher wood-pulp content material and hence harder surface, brings about ink for you to feather as well as bleed. Of these tests My spouse and i alternated among an inexpensive retro-style notebook along with a crazy-expensive premium pad. The main in performance and producing pleasure seemed to be marked. Anything wrote smoother on the large pad. Dang.

• Equally as a attracting of, declare, a plate of fruit might look a lot more alive as opposed to thing itself, so do all of these methods produce writing appear more in existence than the online, perfectly made letters on a screen. For this reason manual composing tech itself can stimulate creativity. You could even- my gosh! -doodle in the margins.

• Often the fits and also starts connected with early work-making notes, getting thoughtful as well as meditative-particularly favor hasslefree tools: pencil or maybe ballpoint dog pen and papers.

• When writing manually, cuddle upward sideways to the table. This way you don’t have to toned forward, and rest your entire forearm easily on the table.

• There’s something special in a nib or feature pen that’s encouraging. Your personal words flow, for sure, yet it’s practically like the device wants someone to do well.

• When you use typical writing tech, you’re encountering a bit of historical past. You are publishing as the legendary warriors wrote, and also you’re dissolving the time gap between you and them.

• Pages produced by manual tech are generally susceptible to open fire, flood, earthquake. So , in the event they’re not really thrown away following they’ve dished up their objective, they need defense.

• If you are enjoying the particular physical process of writing, it’s hard for that little bitch or krydsning on your get to influence you to lose heart and also quit.

• Studies have recently been done with regards to the benefits of writing by hand vs electronically. Seems the real experience of creating letters and also words produces more creative imagination molecules. Something such as that. Heya, if it is effective, it works.

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